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It’s All About the INFRASTRUCTURE – Making Smarter Investments for the Future

Originally published in Municipal World, September 2017 Municipalities will face a lot of challenges in the future as the world changes around them and they work to be modern, and responsive to citizens’ needs. Core to becoming successful in this environment will be finding a way to address the challenges associated with infrastructure. I say […]

The Changing Pace of Change: Adapting to what was … and what will be

Originally published in Municipal World, June 2017 We all know Canada is the most wonderful place on Earth. We have a rich history, beautiful landscape, and prosperity and security. We are the envy of the world, and the most desired place for those seeking refuge and hope for a prosperous future. We have faced many […]

The Value of Beauty

Originally published in Municipal World, September 2015 Everyone reading this is likely engaged in some manner or another building their community.  You may be an elected official, an employee, own a business, or volunteer somewhere in your community.  Despite your official capacity you are where you are, and reading this, because you want to know […]

The Link Between Culture and Success

Originally published in Municipal World, October 2015 Few people realize the significant impact internal culture has on the success or failure of an organization.  We have protocols, processes, hierarchy, and job descriptions in place and we presume that this is all we can do internally to ensure the success of our organization.  And even when […]

Build A Community, Not Just An Economy

Originally published in Municipal World, February 2016 I have travelled all across this great country of ours, from community to community, and one thing has always stood out . . . everyone wants economic success. Why wouldn’t they? Economic success helps our communities grow and become stronger. The challenge most communities face, however, is they […]

Bad Attitude Is A Global Failure

In the quest for success, attitude is everything. The right attitude can help us overcome great obstacles and hard times, and the wrong attitude can ensure we fail even when a glorious opportunity falls directly into our lap.

Water Will Make Or Break Your Community

We all worry about many of the things we see on the news these days because they seem so close to us. Cybercrime, terrorism, war, the global economy, earthquakes; the way the news reports it, we should all expect one of these things to impact our lives in our community at any moment.