The Youth Are YOUR Future

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO So many communities and businesses know how important it is to attract and retain youth to be successful, yet so few convert their intentions into action. The result is that youth go elsewhere, find another home, and don’t come back. That is impacting our businesses’ ability to compete and […]

It’s a Matter of Choices

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO I am not sure if this problem is about people not knowing what they want, or about simply not being willing to make a choice between two desirable but conflicting outcomes. Regardless, the consequences look the same: a person who doesn’t know what they want and one who refuses […]

A Story About The Whynosaur And The Whynotaurus

By Chris Fields, Senior Strategist, 13 Ways Why do you matter? Answering the question asks you to soul search for a reason for being. It motivates, directs, and focuses action. It forces consideration of others (competition) to position differences. Being different sells a company, a community, or you in a “differentiate or die” world – […]

Communities Are People Too

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO Humans are interesting and diverse creatures with all sorts of challenges, problems, and issues. We struggle to overcome our weaknesses to become better than who we are currently. That is the struggle and the nature of the human condition. Thankfully, we can get better, we can learn from our […]

Serve Others

By Chris Fields, Senior Strategist, 13 Ways She started walking toward me on the sideline at soccer practice. I hadn’t seen that look on her face before. I should know; I’ve known her since she was knee high to a grasshopper. The head coach looked at me quizzically…who can predict what a teenage mind is […]

Dealing with The Destructors

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO I have thought a lot about whether to write this column or not. I wrote it anyway, because I needed to write my thoughts down. Then I deliberated about publishing it. I wanted to publish this article to expose a certain type of person that is very destructive to […]

The Community Exchange – First Impressions

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO If we have ever had the chance to speak, or if you have heard me do a presentation, then you know I prefer not to be identified as a consultant. Consultants seem to have a reputation for writing reports that either tell you what you want to hear, or […]

Two Sins of Economic Development Plans

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO There are many mistakes a community can make working on a local economic development strategy, but there are two things I consider to be the “deadly sins” of economic development. You won’t go to hell for committing these deadly sins, but you will certainly ensure your attempts at economic […]

Change The World – One Creative Kernel at a Time

By Chris Fields, Senior Strategist, 13 Ways When my daughter was in Grade 5, she couldn’t stand something the boys started doing: taking people’s sandwiches and eating them. Then one day, she came home, proud that she had found a solution: she would pick up her sandwich in plain sight of the class each day, […]

High Speed Internet and Your Community

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO I am currently working on a book that will be called, Another 13 Ways to Kill Your Community. The first chapter of that book is already titled – Don’t Have High Speed Internet. This article is about that subject. You probably think I am crazy to reveal such information […]