Driving – Community Changes

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder A lot of folks think autonomous vehicles are far from dominating our highways. However, the average of estimates predicts a 35% increase in autonomous vehicles within 10 years, and 85% within 15 years. As much as we struggle with technology as individuals, society collectively gobbles up every new gadget and […]

Re-Thinking Downtown

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder Communities across North America are looking for ways to make their communities prosperous again. Most are focused on economic drivers that are meant to bring jobs, investment, and wealth to a community. That is certainly a noble pursuit. The challenge is that so many communities are using strategies from a […]

Five Steps to Real Change

Doug Griffiths, Community Builder The comic attached to this column has appeared in many places, and like most pictures such as this, its brilliance lies in its ability to layer humour over some very bitter truths. So many of us desperately want the world to be different and we exhaust a lot of energy decrying […]

Real Succession Planning

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder Succession planning is critical to a community’s future, and by community I don’t simply mean a town. I mean any group of people with a common purpose that wants to see continued success well into its future. If you don’t plan for who will replace you, and others in your […]

Your Community Housing Issue

Doug Griffiths, Community Builder I try to get out into the woods at least once a year for a few days to regroup and get grounded. I take nothing with me but a backpack of essential supplies and a few layers of clothes. I spend much of the few days too cold or too hot, […]

Soup Night

Dr Preston Pouteaux, Community Builder, Columns Years ago, when I was studying in Vancouver, one of my professors had a simple way of connecting with his students that has stuck with me for years. He and his wife would invite groups of his students to his home to eat soup. After welcoming us in, he’d […]

ADAPT OR DIE: The New Community Mantra

By Chris Fields, Community Builder & Strategist From Forestburg, AB (coal) to Canal Flats, BC (forestry), we have worked with single resource communities faced with the closure of their primary employer. When a foundation of community economy disappears, communities die a little, or a lot. Generations have found comfort in the rhythm of predictability. A […]

Canada at 150: Our Gratitude Should Know No Bounds

by Chris Fields, Community Builder & Strategist He just about broke his nose, pressing hard against the window of the Buick on the drive from Saskatoon to Regina. Not a bump on the land in sight. Just…nothing…as far as the eye could see. A boring drive said my prairie-raised eyes. But to our exchange student […]

The Youth Are YOUR Future

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO So many communities and businesses know how important it is to attract and retain youth to be successful, yet so few convert their intentions into action. The result is that youth go elsewhere, find another home, and don’t come back. That is impacting our businesses’ ability to compete and […]

It’s a Matter of Choices

By Doug Griffiths, President & CEO I am not sure if this problem is about people not knowing what they want, or about simply not being willing to make a choice between two desirable but conflicting outcomes. Regardless, the consequences look the same: a person who doesn’t know what they want and one who refuses […]