Questions That Matter

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder The only way to find the right answers is to start by asking the right questions. The right questions are difficult to ask though, because they require us to look deeper and more meaningfully into ourselves. That is why most of us start off with what we want the answer […]

The Problem is Not the Problem

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder When we have problems, most of us immediately invest our energy into the search for answers, often without fully understanding the problem, or focusing energy on doing something constructive about it. As the cute quote from Jack Sparrow goes: “The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude […]

Your Welcoming Little Lie

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder If I were to visit your community, attend a town hall meeting of average folks, and pose the question, “Is your community a welcoming place?”, I have no doubt the answer would be a resounding “yes” from the crowd. Unfortunately, that is likely a lie. It may be a deliberate […]

The Time Has Come For The “Art” Of Community Building

By Chris Fields, Community Builder Election season springs anew. Along with it, the debate about hard-earned taxpayer dollars stirs itself into frenzy in social media. “Hold the line on taxes.” “Government waste has to go.” “Focus on basic services only.” We don’t trust our institutions these days, so government is “wasteful.” “Waste” is defined as […]

It’s Time to Address the Real Risks

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder What kinds of risk does your community face? I bet your first thought went to assessing the likelihood of a flood, a fire, or a tornado hitting your community. Those disasters certainly do get our attention, but the greatest risks our communities face are often ignored. I also bet when […]

Messy Neighbourhoods

By Preston Pouteaux, Into the Neighbourhood Elbow deep in new soil, and tending to bad sun-burns, I’m surprised that gardening has become one of our favourite activities. My wife and I love to root around, pull up weeds, move the sprinkler here and there, and add nutrients to our new little plants. Often we’re enthusiastically […]

Driving – Community Changes

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder A lot of folks think autonomous vehicles are far from dominating our highways. However, the average of estimates predicts a 35% increase in autonomous vehicles within 10 years, and 85% within 15 years. As much as we struggle with technology as individuals, society collectively gobbles up every new gadget and […]

Re-Thinking Downtown

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder Communities across North America are looking for ways to make their communities prosperous again. Most are focused on economic drivers that are meant to bring jobs, investment, and wealth to a community. That is certainly a noble pursuit. The challenge is that so many communities are using strategies from a […]

Five Steps to Real Change

Doug Griffiths, Community Builder The comic attached to this column has appeared in many places, and like most pictures such as this, its brilliance lies in its ability to layer humour over some very bitter truths. So many of us desperately want the world to be different and we exhaust a lot of energy decrying […]

Real Succession Planning

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder Succession planning is critical to a community’s future, and by community I don’t simply mean a town. I mean any group of people with a common purpose that wants to see continued success well into its future. If you don’t plan for who will replace you, and others in your […]