“I can’t solve your problems for you- but I can help you find the path to solve it for yourself.”

I​ commit to a limited number of projects per year, allowing​ myself and my team to dedicate fully to helping you and your community find your proper pathway to success​. I may be more expensive than others, but that is because when I agree to work with a community and a team, what keeps you up at night, keeps me up at night.​

There is no formulaic program for each community. I custom design a strategy for your community to ensure our collective efforts are focused where they are needed, so that you can get the change you need to secure the results your community deserves. I don’t pride myself on producing reports. I pride myself on getting results.

Working with communities around North America has given me great insight into our unique and common challenges. I will continue to choose to work with clients from across the continent and the world who present great and interesting challenges.

The most important factor that determines which clients we take on are those who are willing to change, committed to success, and ready to invest time and energy to get there. If you are looking for traditional reports and strategies, we are not what you need. If you are ready to do things differently and you are ready to finally get real results, then schedule an interview with us today.

Below are some concepts and general issus for you to consider to help clarify where your community is and what its needs are before we schedule an interview.

Refine Your Culture
Our attitudes are more fundamental to our success than we usually understand. Our collective attitudes make up the cultural mindset of the community. What we say to each other becomes the basis of our beliefs. A community that believes in itself is capable of amazing things, but a community that believes it is meant to fail will prove itself right every time. That is why reports and strategies sit on shelves and go unrealized. Success depends on your culture, not on your strategy and reports.

Who Calls for This?: Any organization that is struggling to understand its culture, how to create a positive culture,, or how to change one that is increasingly negative and pessimistic.
What Is It?: This is not a fast process, and there is no simple plan that will remedy an organization that needs to refine its culture. Community assessments to determine the individual, and then collective, attitudes is required to see where the community mindset is, and the reasons for that mindset. Once those factors have been identified then the real work begins to created a culture that is focused on opportunity, not negativity. Each strategy must be tailor made to each community. That may be why they often call us community therapists.
Why Do I Need This?: It seems no matter what action or plan is undertaken the attitude of the community is one of failure and a lack of hope. With every opportunity that comes to the community the members focus solely on the risks and the consequences of failure, or rather, the consequences of trying.
What to Expect After?: A lot of hard work, a lot of one-on-one meetings and conversation, and a lot of incremental improvements. Change, especially cultural change, doesn’t happen quickly. It takes a very focused and strategic approach that will empower positive thinkers to take more leadership roles, and either convert those who are consistently negative, or isolate them to prevent the spread of toxic thoughts. Every community is different, but with dedication and focus, your community’s culture will change for the better, with a focus on what it takes to be better.

Accelerator Plan
Whether you need a focused economic plan, a housing strategy, meaningful youth engagement policies, or a strategy to tackle seniors needs, this is the most effective way to start getting real results. It provides a focus on accountability, ownership, performance measure, public engagement, and most importantly, results in a single area of weakness that needs to become an area of focus.

Who Calls for This?: Any organization that is struggling with getting a project or initiative underway, groups of organizations that want to work together but can’t figure out where to start, or a community that realizes it will change their fate if they start small, but aren’t sure where or how.

What Is It?: It’s a fast and efficient way to identify and clearly articulate your problems, purpose, and goals, and to take a first quick step on the path to success. It is a tactical strategy focused on ownership and action, rather than dreams and visions.

Why Do I Need This?: Sometimes all the good intentions in the world can’t get a group of people to work together effectively, because they don’t know where to start or what is in their power to control. This exercise will clarify issues, opportunities, roles and actions.

What to Expect After?: A clear picture of what your group’s vision is, an understanding of your own power to overcome challenges, acknowledgement of who needs to be on board to make it happen, and a collective understanding of what concrete actions are required to achieve it.

United Community Plan
Building a strong community requires more than municipal leadership. It requires a united community where every group and every organization from every corner work to make one amazing community. Yet, we have heard so many times: ‘We have so many plans we don’t know what the plan is.’ Our solution is to develop a united community plan that brings everyone together with a common focus and direction.

Who Calls for This?: Municipal council, senior administration, and community groups.

What Is It?: With so many well-meaning community groups all working to build a community, so often the community becomes unfocused at best, and oftentimes divided or at odds with each other, at worst. This process helps to coordinate all plans in the community into a shared focus and purpose so different initiatives are not in competition with each other, but rather complement and support each other with the goal of building a strong and prosperous community.

Why Do I Need This?: Regardless of intentions, competing initiatives, new issues, and new challenges can arise that stretch your  capacity to handle them. You don’t want to lose your momentum, become derailed, or miss an opportunity that arises because you weren’t working together on making the community better.. You realize you need to come together, and work together, if you really want to help your community.

What to Expect After?: A continued focus on the goals at hand, and an increased capacity to deal with obstacles as they arise. You will meet challenges head-on, address them, and return to focusing on making gains for your community because every organization will know where they fit into the larger community plan.