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Building Better Communities

We are proud to say we are not in the ‘consulting’ business. We are in the ‘Building Better Communities’ business. Our practices and techniques do not focus on reports, we focus on results. We don’t focus on processes, we focus on people. We aren’t consultants. We are community therapists and our aim is to help make communities strong, united and focused on their future. If you are looking for that kind of help, you have come to the right place.

We have organized our services into 3 categories. The descriptions are intended to help you better understand what it is we can do for you; however, we recognize that each client is unique and we will customize the details of each service to suit your needs.

“I do not know how to adequately say thank you for what you have done for our community. You exceeded my high expectations and those of our community. In all of my business, personal and political life I have never experienced a seminar, workshop, summit, retreat, etc. that was so powerful and accomplished the desired results so immediately; in our case, ‘turning talk into implementation” . . . you gave us the tools, knowledge, motivation, skills, desire and direction to accomplish what has always been possible and is NOW going to be realized.”

Frank Moe – County Commissioner
Moffat County, Colorado


“The project exceeded goals and expectations in terms of community participation, excitement, and meaningful outcomes – and demonstrates that while there are no real shortcuts to relationship-building and effective community development, it is possible to reset attitudes and work more effectively on a collaborative basis to make the road to realizing higher aspirations clear, well-defined, and enjoyable.”

Bev Thornton, Executive Director, AlbertaSW


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