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The Advisor Series

Whether it’s having an expert on speed-dial or access to training and mentorship, the Advisor Series offerings can support your needs beyond the projects and into your day-to-day.regional_collaboration

Who Calls For This: Municipal Councils and Senior Administration jointly call for this service.

What Is It: Advisory services vary, depending on the ongoing needs of the community. it can include support and mentorship for relationship building, strategic advice about economic growth, or professional development for administration and elected officials.

Why Do I Need This: Regardless of intentions, new issues and new challenges can arise, and in some instances your capacity to handle them can be stretched. You don’t want to lose your momentum, become derailed, or miss an opportunity that arises. We are there to help.

What to Expect After: A continued focus on the goals at hand, and an increased capacity to deal with obstacles as they arise. You will meet challenges head on, address them, and return to focusing on making gains for you community with each new arising opportunity.

Advisor Options

Professional Development Training – Everyone can benefit from regular professional development and our courses are designed for both administration and your newly elected officials. Not to be confused with the basic 101 courses that are being mandated in the new MGA, our course offering will prepare your leadership team to handle the situations and challenges that come with running a municipal government and dealing with the public. These courses are being developed in partnership with the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities and will be available as classroom offerings, as well as private on-site classes delivered as part of a 13 Ways Professional Development training program.

Contract EDO Services – Just like the name suggests – we provide you the ability to outsource this critical role without sacrificing quality. At 13 Ways, we continue to assemble a team of highly qualified professionals who not only guide you through the development of your economic development strategy, but directly assist you in meeting your yearly objectives and targets. Sometimes a municipality cannot afford the caliber of person needed to work on economic development, yet you cannot afford to have the wrong person or worse, no person in this role. We provide a more affordable option that allows you to have access to a team of experts working on your behalf, without the full cost associated with having all that expertise in one person.