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The Community Therapy Series

ther·a·py (noun): from the Greek word, therapeia, meaning healing; a means of identifying and treating underlying issues that hinder performancestronger_communities

Before we can succeed we must first stop sabotaging our success. Our attitudes lead to behaviours, and behaviours lead to choices, and those choices are what matter. Our best laid plans are in constant conflict with our daily choices. Change the attitudes and the chain of events will lead to choices that support your plans. That is how therapy works. It works for people, and it works for communities. Therapy addresses the challenges with people and personalities that impact your community or organizational success.

Who Calls for This: Any government, municipality or organization that realizes their challenges are more than just lacking a plan. They need to heal old wounds, and overcome old ideas, old mentalities and old grudges. They need more than a plan. They need some therapy.

What Is It: it’s effective means of identifying destructive and negative attitudes, as well as an understanding of the challenges that exist within the community. That understanding is what helps get your community out of the darkness and back on track.

Why Do I Need This: Your community or organization has a really good plan in place, yet you can’t seem to turn it into success. The challenge you have is that anger, frustration, history, and/or negativity prevent the plan from being put into action. Your community is broken and divided, and nothing will happen until you fix that.

What to Expect After: A clear picture about the attitudes and potential neurosis that undermine your community’s success, and a plan to get past them, over them, and through them.

Community Therapy Options

The Diagnosis – before you can fix a problem it is important to understand what the problem is. We all want a solution as quickly as possible, but implementing the wrong solution can be costly and time consuming. Our process involves interviewing folks randomly around the community, making unscheduled visits, and sorting through the challenges and failings to assess where the real problems lie. We can then provide recommendations on next steps to address the problems, and even assist with the implementation.

13 Ways Performance Scorecard – this offering helps to quickly analyse the challenges you face. It utilizes the 13 Ways to Kill Your Community model to narrow down your challenges into the top few that are negatively impacting your community. Once we identify those biggest challenges, we can put remedies into place that address choices and attitudes simultaneously, while also putting plans in place to turn the corner in those key areas.

Community Neurosis Assessment – sometimes the challenges a community faces are rooted deep in its psyche. People have neurosis and, as a collection of people, so do communities. They can be depressed, experience anxiety, lack confidence, and have addictions. This assignment takes longer than the Diagnosis and the 13 Ways Performance Scorecard, but helps you get to the root of deep seated problems. Be prepared though, this process is very real and you will likely learn some things you may not have known about your community. You should be willing to get to the root of the problem and be committed to change.