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The Getting Started Series

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Getting started, understanding your current position and what solutions are available for the challenges you face—it’s all part of starting that journey, and our Getting Started Series is that first step.

Who Calls for This: Any organization that is struggling with getting a project or initiative underway, groups of organizations that want to work together but can’t figure out where to start, or a community that realizes it will change their fate if they start small, but aren’t sure where or how. framing_hands

What Is It: It’s a fast and efficient way to identify and clearly articulate your problems, purpose, and goals, and to take a first quick step on the path to success.

Why Do I Need This: Sometimes all the good intentions in the world can’t get a group of people to work together effectively, because they don’t know where to start or what is in their power to control. This exercise will clarify issues, opportunities, roles and actions.

What to Expect After: A clear picture of what your group’s vision is, or an understanding of your own power to overcome challenges; a collective understanding of what it will take to achieve it, and acknowledgment of who needs to be on board to make it happen.

Getting Started Options

Jumpstart– Get out of the gate FAST with your new Council! This three-day workshop is intended to help new councils and your administration gel as a team quickly, by focusing on discussion that will generate mutual understanding, respect, and focus.

Community Assesment – Our Community Assessments don’t gloss over truths, and they aren’t fantastical illusions that suggest anything and everything is possible. Every community needs to recognize their real challenges and opportunities. We dig deeper and say what needs to be said—even if it’s uncomfortable—because truth sets the stage for a more successful future. We ground opportunities in an assessment of what makes your community unique, in the context of the world around you.