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The Growing Series

The Growing SeriesYour community is on a solid foundation, and is ready to face future challenges—but what are those challenges, and how are they best met?  Our Growing Series provides communities ready to embrace change with the additional tools they need to make change a success.

Who Calls For This: Municipal Councils and Senior Administration jointly call for this service.

What Is It: Advisory services vary, depending on the ongoing needs of the community.  It can include support and mentorship for relationship building, strategic advice about risk assessment, community broadband or economic development, or professional development for administration and elected officials.

Why Do I Need This: Regardless of intentions, new issues and new challenges can arise, and in some instances your capacity to handle them can be stretched. You don’t want to lose your momentum, become derailed, or miss an opportunity that arises. We are there to help.

What to Expect After: A continued focus on the goals at hand, and an increased capacity to deal with obstacles as they arise. You will meet challenges head on, address them, and return to focusing on making gains for you community with each new arising opportunity.

Growing Options

Risk Assessment – Few communities have done a full risk assessment of their current situation, and even fewer have any type of plan in place to address those risks. Planning for a healthy, resilient and prosperous community must include risk analysis and mitigation strategies. Our process takes you from being reactive, to being proactive.

Community Broadband –Many communities realize broadband infrastructure is a necessity, but few are ready with the right questions to ask—let alone the answers.  If your community leadership is currently wondering what to do about community broadband initiatives but don’t know where to start – this 4-step program is the perfect place to begin. It’s thorough, informative, and efficient; and at the end you will have a clear understanding of the needs and wants of YOUR community and the steps required to move forward.

Advanced Municipal Leadership – The Advanced Municipal Leadership Program (AML) is designed to be responsive to the needs of municipal leaders who have articulated a desire for more advanced education and training to strengthen local government leadership. Each of the six, intensive one-day short courses, developed exclusively for mayors, reeves, councillors and municipal staff, targets specific issues of importance to both urban and rural municipalities.

Courses are offered via the University of Alberta and can be taken individually or as a series. Once all six courses are completed, you will receive a Certificate in ‘Advanced Municipal Leadership’ from the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus.