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The Pathway Series

path·way (noun): a way of achieving a specified result; a course of action.performance

There are 13 Ways to fail, but there is always a path to success. The Pathway offerings are more comprehensive and typically involve longer-term contracts. The focus is on building a strong community and seeing it well positioned for a successful future. We focus on healing relationships and changing attitudes within the community, crafting a vision and a strategy for the economic, social, and environmental health of the whole community, and ensuring that there is buy-in and support from all.

Who Calls for This: Municipal Councils and Senior Administration jointly call for this service.

What Is It: We boil down your existing municipal plans into a plain language document that provides a clear, actionable agenda for attaining your vision, and garners community and broad organizational buy-in, which is the core of what leads to success. We also develop an over-arching plan for building an ‘ambitious’ future, meaning that we take you beyond today’s issues and into the world of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Why Do I Need This: Its not that your community doesn’t have plans. You have lots of plans. Perhaps too many plans. And because of that, the passion, the vision and the uniqueness of the community have been lost. Once you forget your ‘why’, the ‘how and what’ don’t make as much sense.

What To Expect After: A much better chance of success. Council, administration, other organizations, businesses, and the public are all focused on the future and can see what they are working towards. Your community, and all its parts, will be focused on building a better community, which will manifest in every decision made.

Pathway Options

4-2-1 Council Strategic Planning – Every new Council needs a strategic plan. Some municipalities develop 4-year term plans, others do 1-year action plans. We think you should do both. And we also think that there should be a check-up at the 2-year mark to make sure things are running smoothly and that the plans are still relevant – because things change.   The 4-2-1 planning process works backwards from the 4-year strategic plan. We develop this first, then we develop year 1 and year 2 action plans that provide clear direction for implementing the plan. At the 2-year checkpoint, we will develop the year 3 and year 4 plans, and make any updates to the 4-year term plan as needed.

Development Roadmap – if you’ve ever felt that there are too many plans, or simply that each plan is more of a silo than part of a “whole plan” for your community, then you are not alone. Our approach to planning is to take all your plans – economic development, municipal, health, education, social, plus any other relevant plans – and pull them into a single master plan with a clear vision and direction. We focus on what makes your community unique and builds on the strengths of your community – its your plan, not just a plan. We also provide you with tools that will help visualize the plan, including its strategies and tactics, ensuring your plan is effectively communicated with your whole community and that implementation is a success.

Regional Collaboration – today’s families, businesses and industries are looking for progressive regions that are focused on education, innovation and quality of life. On their own, it is difficult for communities to be competitive in those respects; it requires partnerships that pool people and resources, rather than maintaining historical, cultural or municipal lines in the sand that divide us. The future of your community is now, more than ever, directly tied to your entire region. We work with all the communities in your region to identify the best options for working together, ensuring everyone understands the implications and changes that can be expected, and then we help you develop the plans and actions that will see you well on your way forward.