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The Planning Series

performanceThere are 13 Ways to fail, but there is always a path to success. The focus of our Planning Series is on helping you build a stronger community and seeing it well positioned for a successful future. We focus on healing relationships and changing attitudes within the community, crafting a vision and a strategy for the economic, social, and environmental health of the whole community, and ensuring that there is buy-in and support from all.

Who Calls for This: Municipal Councils and Senior Administration jointly call for this service.

What Is It: We boil down your existing municipal plans into a plain language document that provides a clear, actionable agenda for attaining your vision, and garners community and broad organizational buy-in, which is the core of what leads to success. We also develop an over-arching plan for building an ‘ambitious’ future, meaning that we take you beyond today’s issues and into the world of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Why Do I Need This: It’s not that your community doesn’t have plans. You have lots of plans; perhaps too many plans. And because of that, the passion, the vision and the uniqueness of the community have been lost. Once you forget your ‘why’, the ‘how and what’ don’t make as much sense.

What To Expect After: A much better chance of success. Council, administration, other organizations, businesses, and the public are all focused on the future and can see what they are working towards. Your community, and all its parts, will be focused on building a better community, which will manifest in every decision made.

Planning Options

Accelerator Plan– Whether you need a focused economic plan, a housing strategy, meaningful youth engagement policies, or a strategy to tackle seniors needs, an Accelerator Plan is the most effective way to start getting real results. It provides a way to get many community stakeholders in the same room to re-focus efforts on making things happen, and to build the trust, responsibility, and collaboration required for ambitious action.

Council Strategic Plan – Some Councils develop 4-year term plans, others do 1-year action plans. We think you should do both. Our 4-2-2 planning process begins with a 4-year strategic plan and corresponding 2-year action plan. We return for a check-up at the 2-year mark (because change is constant) to consider plan adjustments, and to generate a new 2-year action plan.

ONE Plan – We have heard this many times, in many communities: We have so many plans, we no longer know what the plan is! Our solution to this challenge is to develop a ‘ONE’ Plan that encompasses all your community plans and brings them together with a single vision and direction. This is the ONE ambitious plan that gets you out of ruts and builds the awesome community people of the future want to live in.