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Community Builder, Unconventional Thinker and Challenger of the Status Quo


Chris uses over 25 years experience in the “municipal world” to challenge you to think differently about your community. Is your community lying to itself? How is my attitude getting in the way of success? Why can’t we do better? Chris can help answer those questions and more as part of his eye-opening presentations.

  • Aim High – five ways to leap the hurdles that stand in the way of exceptional spaces, places, and people.
  • Do The One Small Thing – for those feeling a struggle to “make a difference,” a motivational reminder that the one small thing – from act of kindness to creative idea – makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.
  • Future Tense – we live in a world of exponential, not linear, change. The challenge is to embrace ability to see change as an opportunity.
  • 13 Ways To Kill Your Marketing – an informative, entertaining, and a little bit crazy presentation devoted to raising the bar – and helping you make stronger connections to your audiences – in a world of marketing mayhem.


“Chris is so refreshing, very motivational, best of the conference.”

Travel Alberta Conference Feedback Form, 2012.

Challenge yourself and your community to do better!

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