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Our purpose at 13 Ways, Inc. is to help communities find their way, and we sincerely believe “There’s Always A Way”. We have used workshops, speaking engagements, and community audits to help communities find their path to success. Here is a small sampling of our work from some of our amazing clients and session attendees.


Extremely accurate. Whether people choose to believe it or not, Doug nails it. Those who want to be inspired should hear him speak. Those who need a helping hand should call on 13 Ways, Inc. But, everyone should read this book.

Glenn Turner
Sydney, Nova Scotia

The presentation changed the way I look at my community and my attitude about my role in my community’s future.

Neil Harker
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

After hearing Chris speak, I received comments like ‘we have to get him back for a longer talk,’ ‘he was spot on,’ and ‘what a great speaker.’

Ears To You Awards Dinner, Vulcan, 2015

I’ve seen the presentation four different times, and at the conclusion of each and every one of them I feel inspired and charged.

Kristin Wilton
New Waterford, Nova Scotia

Powerful presentation style. Such an inconvenient truth, but shockingly accurate.

Pam Cholak
Strathcona County, Alberta

Chris is able to weed through the jargon and get right to the core of what his audience seeks. He is candid and honest, which is exactly what people need to be inspired to market and brand their municipality, organization or business as they genuinely are.

Heather Anderson , EDO, Woodlands County, 2014
Whitecourt Economic Forum

The live presentation is inspiring. Doug gives concrete action steps that communities can take to work toward a renewed sense of local pride and economic control. Turning small towns into attractive places for business, families and the elderly is possible with Doug’s passion, energy and inspiration as a guide. Read the book. Invite him and his team to your community. It will make all the difference.

Tony Kulbisky
Devon, Alberta

It was at once entertaining, enlightening, and push us to feel uncomfortable (in a good way).

Roger Morrill
Athabasca, Alberta

Chris delivered one of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long while.

Interior Designers of Canada Leaders Breakfast, 2015

Witty, inspiring, researched, frank presentation that invokes thoughtfulness for community improvement

Christian Benson
St. Albert, Alberta

Relevant, energetic and compelling – everything we need to build community success in a two hour session!

Frank Moe , County Commissioner
Moffat County, Colorado