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The 13 Ways Team is booked at speaking engagements and community events across North America. Check if we’re coming to your neighbourhood.

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The 13 Ways Team relies on over 50 years of combined experience working with communities and a knack for observing details that others might have missed to bring educational and entertaining (“edutaining”) presentations tailored for your community. Call and ask us what we can bring to your event.

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It’s Time to Address the Real Risks

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder What kinds of risk does your community face? I bet your first thought went to assessing the likelihood of a flood, a fire, or a tornado hitting your community. Those disasters certainly do get our attention, but the greatest risks our communities face are often ignored. I also bet when […]

Messy Neighbourhoods

By Preston Pouteaux, Into the Neighbourhood Elbow deep in new soil, and tending to bad sun-burns, I’m surprised that gardening has become one of our favourite activities. My wife and I love to root around, pull up weeds, move the sprinkler here and there, and add nutrients to our new little plants. Often we’re enthusiastically […]

Driving – Community Changes

By Doug Griffiths, Community Builder A lot of folks think autonomous vehicles are far from dominating our highways. However, the average of estimates predicts a 35% increase in autonomous vehicles within 10 years, and 85% within 15 years. As much as we struggle with technology as individuals, society collectively gobbles up every new gadget and […]